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Pressure Washing 101 With Dino’s Pressure Washing

Power Washing 101


Professional pressure washing gets most outdoor surfaces clean by removing mold, rust, and mildew. The right tools and chemicals used by expert pressure washers can make all the difference. Using the wrong type of cleaners can cause harm to your home’s surfaces. The experts at Dino’s Pressure Washing know the right type cleaners to use for all the various types of surfaces.


Pressure Washer Terminology


PSI(pounds per square inch): Water pressure is measured this way giving the pressure washer the power to penetrate dirt.


GPM(gallons per minute): The way water power is delivered to the spray gun giving the power to break down dirt.


Pressure Washer Parts

  • Electric motor for gas pump
  • Water pump
  • Water inlet
  • Wand and Nozzles


Surfaces to Pressure Wash

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Pool Surfaces
  • Roofs


Types of Surfaces to Avoid Pressure Washing

These surfaces can not stand up to a pressure washer’s force:


  • Wooden furniture
  • Plastic furniture
  • Outdoor Fabrics
  • Concrete that is crumbling
  • Painted surfaces you wish to keep painted


pH-Neutral Cleaners


pH-neutral cleaners are mild cleaners and are used when the surface you are cleaning is relatively clean. If it is very concentrated, it can be diluted with water.


Acidic Cleaners


When the surface you are cleaning has heavy dirt and stains, acidic cleaners can help remove those stains. These can come ready to use or in concentrate.


Alkaline Cleaners

When grease or oil are the culprits, alkaline cleaners can de-grease and neutralize surfaces in no time.


Bacterial Cleaners


Bacterial cleaners use active enzymes to clean stains by actively breaking them down.

Specialty Cleaners


These cleaners are used for special kinds of dirt and are typically a mixture of the cleaners mentioned above. These cleaners require experience and training.
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