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Jupiter Concrete Pressure Washing Service

In the last two decades, the professionals at Dino's Pressure Cleaning have removed the stains, grime, mildew and a number of other unexpected substances from hundreds of concrete surfaces in the Palm Beach County area.

We specialize in providing high pressure and steam cleaning for a range of concrete surfaces found in high traffic areas such as parking lots, storefronts, commercial and residential driveways, walkways, around pools and on patios. Since an unsightly concrete surface can give the illusion of disrepair it has the potential to deter business traffic, in some instances, as well as create a poor impression of a residential home. This can easily be remedied by pressure cleaning the concrete.


Types of Concrete Pressure Washing Surfaces

Concrete is a popular material used in driveways, for pool decks, patios, porches and parking lots. Although it is one of the most resilient surfaces and a great candidate for pressure cleaning, it is often neglected at residential homes and even at high-end commercial properties. Cleaning concrete surfaces however, can significantly enhance the curb appeal of any property. In fact, realtors suggest that curb appeal influence as much as 49% of their sales.

The cost, time and frequency of concrete pressure cleaning largely depends on the surface mass and volume of traffic that the area experience on a regular basis.

  • Driveway Pressure Cleaning – Concrete driveways can contain other elements such as gravel, sand and crushed stones. These are referred to as aggregate driveways. Although the composition of an aggregate driveway produces an irregular texture and color in some instances, the pressure cleaning technique is the same as it is for the standard smooth or broom finish concrete surface.
  • Porch and Patio Pressure Cleaning – Concrete porch and patios have a tendency to get grimy from spilled food and drinks. Typically, these areas are gathering places for family and friends or a designated play area for children and pets. Regular use of a patio or porch with a concrete surface that is also open to the elements has the potential to accumulate multiple stains and contaminants. If this area is not pressure washed or properly cleaned with necessary frequency, it can become unsightly and vulnerable to the growth of mold or other hazardous bacteria. Establishing an annual or bi-annual pressure washing schedule for your porch or patio with Jupiter Concrete Pressure Washing specialists is fast, efficient and cost effective.
  • Pool Deck Pressure Cleaning – Concrete pool deck surfaces are infamous for attracting mold, algae and a host of other equally unpleasant substances. Eventually, this area of your home can become covered in a grimy green film that is slippery and dangerous. When cleaning a concrete pool deck, we pay attention to surface variations and apply low pressure techniques to prevent damage to any delicate substrates. Although it may at times seem easier to just avoid the pool rather than clean it, a professional pressure cleaning process can restore the pleasure of having a pool as well as the safety and beauty of this popular space.
  • Parking Lot Pressure Cleaning – Jupiter Concrete Pressure Washing are certified and qualified to provide expert parking lot pressure cleaning that removes oil, grease, tire marks, gum, tree sap, leaf stains, paint, graffiti, calcium buildup, dirt, ground in food and drink spills to name a few. Even in a parking lot, we utilize environmentally compatible cleaning agents to address the range of contaminants and stains that discolor these high traffic concrete surfaces. Also, whether it is a residence or commercial property, when cleaning a parking lot, the professionals at Jupiter Concrete Pressure Washing Services recognize the importance of reducing or avoiding extended interruption of traffic flow during the hours of peak activity.


For more information on Dino's Pressure Cleaning's concrete pressure washing service and to find out how we can help; give us a call at (561) 818-7032 or fill out the form and request a FREE QUOTE and a concrete cleaning professional will be in touch with you shortly.

Concrete Pressure Washing Examples

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