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Jupiter House Pressure Washing Service

The key to keeping the exterior of your home protected as well as beautiful is keeping it clean. Whether the siding on the home is stucco, vinyl, brick, wood, or aluminum house pressure washing will make a difference in the look and overall protection of the property.

However, since the exterior surfaces of the home are critical for weatherproofing, climate control and overall appearance of the home, any pressure washing procedure is best performed by a professional with experience and understanding of the variables involved. For example, if this process is improperly handled, it may result in costly damage to the walls of the home.

Types of House Pressure Washing Surfaces

For over two decades, Dino's Pressure Cleaning has been providing Jupiter FL with the best House Pressure Washing services and for homeowners all across Palm Beach County. Dino's is committed to protecting your home while it is cleaned. Rest assured; our house washing techniques are highly efficient, effective and safe. As such, we never exceed the amount of pressure that is required to remove the accumulation of rust, dirt, mold and algae from the exterior surfaces of a home.

Our knowledgeable and experienced house washing professionals are also cognizant of the fact that all surfaces do not respond to the same pressure or cleaning product. They understand the subtle nuances of cleaning a broad range of exterior surfaces such as:

  • Brick Pressure Cleaning. The durability and low maintenance requirement of brick make it a popular choice for siding even in Florida homes. When cleaning is required, however, the pressure washing techniques for brick demands high pressure and hot water to remove dirt, algae and other contaminants that can settle deep into the porous brick surface.
  • Vinyl Siding Pressure Cleaning requires a soft washing approach because of the delicate nature of this material. Jupiter professionals apply a very specific cleaning agent with surfactants and rinse aids. The key to this surface cleaner is that it can remove most of the grime so as to avoid the need for the excessive use of pressure washing. Ingredients in this product are also designed to help retard the regrowth of algae.
  • Stucco Pressure Cleaning. Like vinyl siding, stucco is also a delicate material that requires a gentler washing technique.
  • Wood Siding Pressure Cleaning. Cypress and cedar are the most common types of wood siding used for residential homes. Although they are bug resistant, rain and humidity may cause vulnerability to mold growth. Periodic cleaning helps to maintain the home’s aesthetics as well as protect and extend the life of the wood siding.
  • Aluminum Pressure Siding Cleaning. Although very hardy, the pollution and weather elements such as; the heat of the sun can cause the aluminum siding to become dull and porous. This causes aluminum siding susceptible to the penetration of dirt and mildew. As a result, the cleaning process must include a biodegradable solution and careful variations in pressure strength to prevent damage; especially if the aluminum surface has been severely compromised.


For more information on Dino's Pressure Cleaning's house pressure washing services and to find out how we can help; give us a call at (561) 818-7032 or fill out the form and request a FREE QUOTE and a house siding cleaning professional will be in touch with you shortly.

House Pressure Washing Examples

Jupiter House Pressure Washing Service | Call Us (561) 818-7032 Jupiter House Pressure Washing Service | Call Us (561) 818-7032 Jupiter House Pressure Washing Service | Call Us (561) 818-7032 Jupiter House Pressure Washing Service | Call Us (561) 818-7032

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