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Spring Cleaning Is Not Just for the Inside of Your Home; Spruce Up Your Home and Yard This Spring with Dino’s Pressure Cleaning

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Why Is Spring Pressure Cleaning so Important? Spring is here! Sunny Florida is exempt from frigid temperatures, harsh weather, and melting snow. However, winter’s cooler temperatures and high winds still take their toll on our gorgeous and perpetually sunny state. Sidewalks, fences, walkways, exterior walls, decks, driveways, roofs, decks, and patios take a beating from…

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Spring Clean Your House with Dino’s Pressure Washing

Spring Cleaning Your House in Florida | Dino's Pressure Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Made Easy with Dino’s Pressure Washing When people think of spring cleaning, they think of household cleaners and cleaning the inside of their homes, but the outside of your house needs a yearly spring cleaning as well. Even in Florida with the ‘winterless’ winters, homes, buildings, walkways, patios and decks accumulate dirt and…

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