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Do You Have Your Home Professionally Pressure Washed? Gutter Cleaning is Important Too!

The Importance of Gutters and Gutter Cleaning

Both homes and businesses have gutters control the flow of rainwater to protect the roof, walls, foundation, and landscape. Your home and business’ gutters ensure rainwater is directed away from your home and its foundation. Your gutters may not come to mind until a storm bringing torrential rain occurs. However, gutter cleaning is very important. 

While it may be easy to forget about adequately maintaining your residential or commercial gutters, it is essential that gutters are cleaned at least once per year, and more frequently when heavy wind and rain are abundant. When gutters are neglected, they can not adequately protect your home from water damage and can have other consequences as well. Do not wait until you notice a problem before you have your gutters cleaned.

When Gutters are Not Properly Maintained:

  • There can be roof damage: One primary reason it is essential that gutters are kept clean is the potential damage to a structure’s roof. When leaves and debris are stuck in your gutters, clogging them, they can not perform their intended job; to drain rainwater from your roof. If the gutters do not drain and overflow, water damage can result.
  • Pests can become stuck in the gutters: In addition to water damage, gutters clogged with leaves can make an appealing home for pests, such as; birds, rodents, and bugs. These pests may begin by invading your gutters, but may eventually invade your home or office building.  Gutters that are not clogged help keep pests away.
  • Foundation damage can occur: Foundation damage can occur because when rainwater is not being properly directed from your home, it collects under your residential or commercial foundation causing potentially costly damage.

Dino’s Pressure Cleaning

Having your gutters cleaned annually is essential to ensuring rainwater is drained from your roof and directed away from your home, safely. Gutter cleaning can be dangerous work and is best left to the professionals. Dino’s Pressure Cleaning will climb those high ladders necessary and ensure your gutters look and perform like new.

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