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Expert Roof Cleaning

Expert Roof Cleaning

First off, ask yourself:

Is your roof discolored? Have you lived in your residence for three years? Have you never had your roof cleaned?

Generally speaking, if you answered yes to these questions, it is time to have your roof professionally cleaned.

Since your roof is an important and costly investment, expert roof cleaning can extend the life and functionality of your roof. By removing algae, bacteria, mold, lichen, and moss, it also protects your roof’s aesthetic value. Furthermore, it can protect your cooling system.  In addition, a clean roof improves curb appeal and improves the health standard of your home. Finally, an expert roof cleaning service is always recommended because a do-it-yourself  approach can cause damage to your room and is ultimately unsafe.

Types of Roofs and Cleaning Methods:

  1. Asphalt Roof Cleaning

    First off, a properly maintained asphalt roof can last for decades. Fiberglass is a common asphalt roof shingle. Micro-organisms can commonly plague this type of roof system. Since the spores of this bacteria can spread quickly if ignored, they must be cleaned in a timely manner to prevent significant roof deterioration. In addition, if left unchecked, the rapid growth of bacteria can discolor your roof, increase humidity, increase temperatures inside the home and overwork the cooling system. Timely roof cleaning will prevent the buildup of this and other destructive conditions to your asphalt roof. Finally, proper maintenance includes periodic evaluation to assess and treat problems before they escalate into more costly repair.

  2. Tile Roof Cleaning

    The durability, beauty, and value of tiled roof can never be understated. They are typically composed of concrete, slate or clay in a variety of design styles such as curved, flat, fluted or interlocking tiles. The design style is dependent on the material used. Regular maintenance of these expensive, usually heavy roof tiles is critical to protecting both the appearance and quality of this expensive investment. Delicate tile roof cleaning or soft washing is a process that describes a method more focused on removing bacteria, mold, fungus, and algae than stains. As such, the cleaning technique must be particularly sensitive to the vulnerabilities of a tile roof.

  3. Metal Roof Cleaning –

    Whether comprised of steel, aluminum, copper, tin or zinc, metal roof panels are typically prone to oxidation and rust. An initial roof cleaning evaluation will determine the particular roofing material and specific care techniques necessary for the optimum care of your metal roof. Ideally, a regular roof cleaning maintenance program will entail a review of the roof. The expert cleaners will remove, clean and treat this type of roofing system.

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