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How to Pressure Wash Your Wooden Deck Safely and Effectively

Wooden Decks

A wooden deck is an investment. It adds value to your home by increasing its size and value.  A wooden deck area also provides a valuable location to set patio furniture. This outside area is where families gather, grill and socialize.

A wooden deck, whether wood or composite requires regular cleaning to retain its beauty and to look new. Pressure washing is a preventative measure that will add years to the life of your wooden deck, saving you time and money.

Whether you are trying to remove mold, mildew, and fungus which accumulate on your deck surface as seasons transition or need to pressure-wash your deck to prime for restaining, Dino’s Pressure washing has the experience and can safely treat the surface of your wooden deck.

Wooden Deck Enemies

  • If algae and fungi build-up, they can cause slip and fall accidents.These bacteria can degrade the quality of your decking.
  • UV-light can be an enemy. Consistent sun exposure, especially in Florida, can gray the surface of your wooden decks. This graying will grow darker after more years of sun
  • exposure. Certain types of wood can begin graying within months. Professional power washing can remove this permanently damaged and grayed surface layer to uncover the fresh wood underneath.
  • Excessive rain and humidity can create conditions for the growth of mildew, mold and other bacteria. These growths can cause brown and green staining making your wooden deck unattractive. When there are wood rots, insects can bore in the wood and wreak havoc. Wood that is pressure treated will prevent these insects from using your wooden deck as a food source or place to bore.
  • Weather exposure is tough on wooden decks. The sun causes thermal stresses to the wood and rain causes wooden decks to retain water. The dampness attracts pollen and spores which collect and cause ugly discoloration.

Pressure-washing your wooden deck can clean its surface and remove the damages done to it by weather, mold, mildew, sun exposure, and rain. It does not weatherproof it. Pressure-washing your wooden deck will clean it and prepare it for you to seal it with a weather-proof coating or stain. This coating will prevent moisture absorption and possible structural failure.

It is best to choose a water repellent sealer to prevent water damage. Wood consistently exposed to the elements or through frequent use may begin to lose a layer of protection. Over time, paints and stains can also strip away and cause the wood on a deck or patio to rot and splinter, usually resulting in an unattractive as well as a hazardous environment. Although spring is the time when most people are motivated to clean up many areas of their homes, it is best not to wait around for any specific season to have your wooden deck safely and effectively cleaned.

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