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Why the Right Equipment Matters

Why the Right Equipment Matters

First and foremost, the service Dino’s Pressure Washing provides is only as good as our experienced pressure washers and the equipment we use. Therefore, we use Honda 20 HP pressure washers because they are known for providing the most effective and safest pressure washing. After all, these pressure washers can perform low or high-pressure washing with just a switch of an attachment. These machines are commercial-industrial grade washers available only to licensed pressure washing companies.

When to Use High or Low Pressure

Our washers can remove loose paint, mold, dust, grime, mud, dirt and chewing gum from building surfaces roofs, decks, patios, and concrete. With a change of an attachment, we can switch from low to high-pressure washing. Many believe high pressure should be used on tough stains and lower pressure should be used on surface dirt. However, it is actually the surface being cleaned that determines what pressure should be used. Dino’s has a wealth of experience, so no matter what type of surface we are cleaning, we have the right tools and pressure for the job. We also have the techniques to ensure that what we pressure wash is completed correctly the first time.

Surface Matters

Dino’s knows one of the most challenging aspects of pressure washing is understanding the material we are cleaning, so we know what type of pressure to use. Each surface has a specific amount of pressure it can withstand and each surface has an optimum amount of pressure which will best clean it. Concrete needs high-pressure to penetrate and clean all layers. Lower pressure is best used for siding or to remove mold, mildew or dirt from vinyl, brick, and stucco.

Dino’s Pressure Washing

Finally, when you need a surface cleaned safely and effectively, Dino’s has the washers, the equipment, and the technique. We ensure each surface is cleaned with the correct techniques and exactly the right amount of pressure the first time.

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Jupiter Professional Pressure Washing

Dino’s Pressure Washing is the place for you to have all of your pressure-washing needs met. With over 20 years in business, licensed and insured, detail oriented, professional, reliable, prompt serviceFor more information on Dino’s Pressure Cleanings low-pressure washing services and to find out how we can help.

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